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FREEBIE ALERT!! Call of Duty: Ghosts Gold Grappling Hook Avatar Prop US Dashboard

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Call of Duty- Ghosts Gold Grappling Hook Avatar Prop

Be sure to search for the Call of Duty: Ghost Ad on the Dashboard. Watch the trailer and then you will be prompted to download your very own Call of Duty: Ghosts Gold Grappling Hook Avatar Prop!

Come join the XAG CREW on Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

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We are now accepting ALL XAG Fans to our Grand Theft Auto V Crew

Come and join us and invite your friends!

Exclusive 2013 Live Update Beta XBOX Avatar Shirt

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2013 Live Update Beta Shirt Male

2013 Live Update Beta Shirt Female

We’re pleased to announce that participants in the 2013 Xbox Live Update Public Beta Program have been awarded an exclusive avatar item on the new Xbox Community Level website! Additionally, participants have been awarded a beta specialization in the Xbox Community Level program, as well as 200 XP.


  • Log in to XCL with the Microsoft Account and Password associated with your beta Gamertag
  • Once logged in, click on ‘Loot’ in the navigation bar
  • In the lower section of the loot screen, select ‘ Xbox 360 Update Beta’
  • You can claim your beta tokens by clicking the highlighted shirt icon in the beta section, clicking ‘CLAIM’ and following the steps shown on the screen
  • Once you’re received your tokens, you can click on one to redeem it on

Don’t forget that in addition to receiving an exclusive beta item, participants will also receive 200 XP toward their Xbox Community Level!


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On August 14th 2013 we officially hit 1 Million Views on

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 8.43.39 AM

We here at XAG are very happy and pleased that this site has grown so much over the past few years. I would like to thank each and every single fan for making XAG the #1 site on the internet to get your XBOX Avatar News and Info. We are looking forward to growing over the next few years and we still have a bunch of exciting things coming up in the near future.

FREEBIE ALERT!! Dr. Pepper Soda Can XBOX Avatar Head

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Dr. Pepper Head

All you Dr. Pepper fans out there can rejoice! You can now have a Dr. pepper Soda Can head on your XBOX Avatar. Look for the Dr. Pepper Advert on the US Dashboard to download this funny FREE Avatar Hat!

FREEBIE ALERT!! Wolverine Silver Samurai XBOX Avatar Suit (Facebook)

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Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 10.11.53 AM


Grab yourself the Wolverine Silver Samurai Avatar Suit by simply going to this Facebook Page and then type in the Code: CINEMARK72613 Pick a Male or Female and you get the code! Please like and share this post down below so your friends can grab this awesome suit too!


FREEBIE ALERT! Falling Skies XBOX Avatar T-Shirt & Prop Dashboard Advert

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Falling Skies Overlord Prop

Update 5-52013 There is now a Falling Skies Overlord Prop to download as well. Pretty creepy looking prop. So go find the advert again and download the new Alien Prop.

Falling Skies Harness Avatar T-Shirt Male

Falling Skies Harness Avatar T-Shirt Female

There is a new Falling Skies Advert on the dashboard. All you have to do is watch four of the trailers and it will open up this XBOX Avatar T-Shirt for you. It looks pretty plain on the front but check out the back! Let us know if you see it in your country below.

Falling skys 1

FREEBIE ALERT! Wendy’s XBOX Avatar Shirt and Hair Advert on Dashboard

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wwwXBOXAvatarGEARcom Wendy's® Avatar Prop wwwXBOXAvatarGEARcom Wendy's® Avatar T-Shirt MalewwwXBOXAvatarGEARcom Wendy's® Avatar T-Shirt Female

Thanks to Dakota Hackett for spotting the Wendy’s Advert which will give you access to 2 XBOX Avatar items, a Wendy’s “Where’s The Beef” T-Shirt and Wendy’s Pigtail Hair doo. It was a little hard for us to find it, but once you do just click on Downloads to access the items. Please comment below if you see this in your country.

Wendys Dashboard1Wendys Dashboard 2 Wendys Dashboard 3

FREEBIE ALERT After Earth Movie XBOX Avatar Suit Advert

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After Earth MaleAfter Earth FemaleKeep your eyes out on the dashboard for the After Earth Advertisement. You can score yourself an After Earth Avatar Suit when you enter the advert and scroll all the way to the end of the ad. It will say download Avatar Prop but it is a suit not a prop. Thanks goes out to @ilovemcyds for finding this one and letting us know.

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Challenge XBOX Avatar T-Shirt’s Are Out!

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Forge Island

 Spartan Ops T-Shirt Male

Spartan Ops T-Shirt Female

Just a heads up. Remember a few weeks ago the special promotion “Halo 4 Spartan Ops Challenge” where if you played 5 rounds of Spartan Ops you would get a Limited Edition Halo 4 Spartan Ops T-Shirt? Well just to let you know they are here! Check your XBOX Live messages and you will have a message from XBOX LIVE with your codes, provided you followed the rules of what you had to do. Enjoy them!