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Exclusive 2013 Live Update Beta XBOX Avatar Shirt

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2013 Live Update Beta Shirt Male

2013 Live Update Beta Shirt Female

We’re pleased to announce that participants in the 2013 Xbox Live Update Public Beta Program have been awarded an exclusive avatar item on the new Xbox Community Level website! Additionally, participants have been awarded a beta specialization in the Xbox Community Level program, as well as 200 XP.


  • Log in to XCL with the Microsoft Account and Password associated with your beta Gamertag
  • Once logged in, click on ‘Loot’ in the navigation bar
  • In the lower section of the loot screen, select ‘ Xbox 360 Update Beta’
  • You can claim your beta tokens by clicking the highlighted shirt icon in the beta section, clicking ‘CLAIM’ and following the steps shown on the screen
  • Once you’re received your tokens, you can click on one to redeem it on

Don’t forget that in addition to receiving an exclusive beta item, participants will also receive 200 XP toward their Xbox Community Level!