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XBOX Avatar Famestar Program Information and Pictures

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Everyone dreams of stardom and your avatar is no different! There is of course a price for fame and in this case the currency is dedicating yourself to gaming and lots of it. Sounds rough I know…  Should you and your avatar be willing to pay that price then the all new Avatar Famestars program is for you! The exclusive avatar items awarded only in Avatar Famestars marks your avatar as a gaming star! Click Read More to check out all the details of this amazing new way to game, screenshots, and a few of the Avatar item rewards!

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A World of Keflings XBOX Avatar Awards

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A World Of Keflings – 2 Awards

Winged Hat
Of Kefkimo
Talk to the Chief at the great Hall in the Ice Kingdom.

Baby Dragon
Make friends with the baby dragon released from an egg in the Ice Kingdom.

Baby Dragon