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Ambassadors Holiday 2012 Challenge – Earn a Custom Holiday Avatar Item!

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Looks like there is a new Challenge for people in the XBOX Ambassador Program. We received this email today letting us know that we can try and earn the XBOX Community Ambassadors Holiday Sweater. Here is the details.

Hello Ambassadors!
We’re pleased to announce a special holiday challenge for all active Ambassadors this year, in which Ambassadors can earn an exclusive Xbox Community Ambassadors Holiday Sweater!

Ambassadors Christmas Contest

To earn this item, Ambassadors must earn at least 250 XP between December 15th (12:01 AM PST) and January 1st (12:01 AM PST).
If you would like to track your progress, check your profile on Saturday, December 15th and make a note of your total XP – once you have at least 250 more XP than that, you’ll be good to go! We’ll send challenge completion notifications and Ambassador Holiday Sweaters within a week of the challenge’s end, so be sure to look for your prize then.
If you’d like to discuss the challenge (including the best ways to help and earn XP), be sure to swing by the Ambassy to chat with your fellow Ambassadors!
In the meantime, may your holidays be full of family, friends, and Ambassador XP!
All the best,

Win a FREE Dishonored Corvo Mask for your XBOX Avatar

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Mature Video Gamer - Powered by vBulletin

We have been given 5 Dishonored Corvo Mask Codes by to give out to the XAG Fans. Very simple, all you have to do is LIKE and SHARE our Contest Picture on Facebook. We will choose 5 random people who do both on 10-27-12 just in time for Halloween maybe. Be sure to also follow MVG on Twitter @MVGWorld
Good Luck everyone!!

Lionhead Studios says “Get dressed and prepared for Fable: The Journey”

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Fable: The Journey

Fable: The Journey

Apart from the demo, which is now available to download from Xbox LIVE, we also have released a bunch of Avatar outfits, props and unlockables! The props are cool and cute, the outfits are tough and funny, and the unlockables are just another reason to play Fable: The Journey.

LionHead Studios has given us some Chicken Kicker T-Shirts to celebrate the release of their Avatar Gear in the XBOX Avatar Marketplace.
Chicken T-shirt
Visit our Facebook Page for details on how you can WIN one of these Shirts!

Here is a summary of all the items we released today and where you go to download them for your Avatar character.  To download them, pop over to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Avatar Outfits

Fable: The Journey Gabriel Gloves. Gabriel wears the ancestral garb of Albion’s northern Dwellers. Now you can too!
Fable: The Journey Gabriel Top. Gabriel wears the ancestral garb of Albion’s northern Dwellers. Now you can too! This top is cut from traditional Dweller cloth, though it lacks the traditional Dweller horse dung stains.
Fable: The Journey Gabriel Boots. Gabriel wears the ancestral garb of Albion’s northern Dwellers. Now you can too!
Fable: The Journey Gabriel Pants. Gabriel wears the ancestral garb of Albion’s northern Dwellers. Now you can too! These pants are cut from traditional Dweller cloth, though it lacks the traditional Dweller horse dung stains.
Fable: The Journey Theresa Outfit. Theresa, Seer of the Spire, has wandered Albion for centuries. Her age is remarkable, but the real miracle is that her clothes have lasted just as long, remaining impervious to damage, dirt and the vagaries of fashion.
Fable: The Journey Hollow Man Outfit. Wisps are cursed souls, doomed to remain in our world long after their bodies have rotted. All across Albion, they have to seek out corpses to once more walk the earth as Hollow Men. Save yourself the trouble of digging up a body with this Hollow Man outfit. Note: rotting flesh not included.
Chicken T-shirt. The muse for generations of artists, writers, and milliners, chickens have been observers and participants at every key moment in Albion’s history since the fall of the Old Kingdom. Their reward for these years of dutiful service is to be kicked from street to street for the amusement of passers-by, a fate they endure with a surprising dignity of spirit. Show your support for these noble fowl with this snazzy Chicken T-shirt!

Avatar Props

Fable: The Journey Fireball Spell. Have you ever woken up one morning and thought to yourself, “I wish I could fling fireballs from my fingertips”? Well, now you can! You should also congratulate yourself on some nifty alliteration.
Fable: The Journey Seren. Seren is unwavering in her loyalty to her master, an ever-present and faithful companion. Reward her with a little love and attention (apples are an acceptable substitute).
Fable: The Journey Pet Hobbe. Hobbes are mischievous and highly destructive beasts that plague Albion. As such, what could be a better thing to keep stowed in your pockets?

You can get all these items for your Xbox LIVE Avatar via this link. And you can pre-order a copy of the game on our brand new PRE-ORDER PAGE.

And last but not least, we have a special announcement of unlockable items when you play Fable: The Journey! These are the in-game Avatar Awards.

Unlockable In-Game Avatar Awards

Fable: The Journey T-Shirt. Made from 100% genuine horsehair, this shirt is stylish, durable – and great at keeping away flies.
Fable: The Journey Devourer Mask. The Devourer is an ancient evil with both an insatiable appetite and a snazzy taste in headgear.
Fable: The Journey Theresa’s Blindfold. Wearing this blindfold might allow you to see the future. Or it might just make everything dark.

XAG Counter Strike Global Offensive XBLA Giveaway!

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XBOX LIVE Avatar Gear is giving away a FREE copy of Counter Strike: Global Offensive XBLA Game! MUST LIKE and SHARE the Facebook Contest Pic to be entered. Additional ways to enter Via RaffleCopter at this Link .
Contest starts NOW and runs to the end of the month August 31st at Midnight and the winner will be anounced September 1st. Good Luck and thanks for sharing the pic.


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Battlefield 3™

Recon Class Uniform

Recon Class Uniform


First come first serve! Good Luck!

Minecraft Pig head & Cow Head XBOX Avatar Code Giveaway! No Texting Needed!

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XBOX LIVE Avatar Gear is giving away 2 EXCLUSIVE Minecraft Codes! Pig Head and Cow Head that were from the McDonald’s & Dr. Pepper Text Promo. Did you miss it? Here is your chance to WIN THEM!! LIKE and SHARE this pic to your Facebook wall to be entered to win. MUST DO BOTH!! Winner will be choosen 8-19-12 Good Luck!
Please comment below and click the Like and Tweet Button below as well.

Did you miss the promotion yesterday for these to be given away? Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you can be the FIRST to know when new Avatar Info Drops! You won’t miss another promotion again! Sign up on the right where it says XAG EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION —->

WIN an XBOX Kinect Avatar Prop! 3 Ways to WIN!

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Win an XBOX Kinect Avatar Prop

XBOX LIVE Avatar Gear is giving away a FREE XBOX Kinect Avatar Prop to THREE lucky Facebook fans who LIKES and SHARES and COMMENTS this picture. Must be a fan of XAG on Facebook! We will choose one person who LIKED the pic, One person who SHARED the pic, and one person who COMMENTED on the pic. BE SURE TO ENTER ALL 3 WAYS!
Winners will be choosen Sunday August 5th 2012

HALO 4 Master Chief Armor 4 Code Giveaway!

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Halo 4 is still a while away.
BUT.. XAG has what you need to hold you over!

Today we start our NEW Contest.
The Halo 4 Master Chief Armor 4 Code Giveaway!
We will be giving away 4 Halo 4 Master Chief Armor codes to 4 lucky XAG Fans. 4 Different ways to enter. 4x the chances of winning! We are going to hold a contest on Facebook, Twitter, Forums, and our website all at the same time. Enter in one, or all four, the choice is yours. Good Luck to all and now time for the Rules!

Contest starts NOW and ends July 1st 2012 at Midnight EST

We are going to use RaffleCopter again since it worked so well last time.
Please follow this link to our Facebook App and complete all required challenges. Contest rules:

  • Must post a comment on this page down at the bottom telling us why you would love on of these Halo 4 Master Chief Codes. No begging necessary, just tell us why you feel you are a Big enough HALO fan to deserve one. Please be creative, Just a simple “I am a Huge Fan” will not win it.
  • Please click the Like and Share bottons Below.
  • Must sign up for our XAG Email list on the front page in the top right of the website.
  • 1 Entry per person ONLY Please
  • We will pick 1 person from the website to receive 1 Halo 4 Master Chief Armor Code

Facebook Contest Rules:

  • Must post on the Official Contest Picture your favorite Halo Game.
  • One Entry Per Person Please
  • We will pick 1 person from the Facebook Picture Page to receive 1 Halo 4 Master Chief Armor Code
  • Must be a Fan of XAG’s Facebook Page

Twitter Contest Rules:

  • Must Tweet this exactly ” Hey HALO Fan, Want to win a HALO 4 MASTER CHIEF ARMOR AVATAR CODE? @XBOXAvatarGEAR is giving away 4 CODES! Follow & RT
  • 1 Entry per day untill the contest ends, but may re-tweet as many times as you like.
  • Must Follow @XBOXAvatarGEAR to qualify to win.
  • Winner will be chosen at random and DM’d your code.

Forum Contest Rules:

  • Must post a comment on our Official Halo 4 Master Chief Armor Thread Telling us how YOU are the Biggest HALO Fan, Or a HALO related Story.
  • 1 Entry per person Please
  • Must be a member of our Forums
  • If you are a new member please say “Hi” in the Introduce Yourself Thread
  • We will pick 1 person from the Forum Comments to receive 1 Halo 4 Master Chief Armor Code

Good Luck to all. Contest rules subject to change at any time.

Wreck-It Ralph XBOX 360 Avatar Code Giveaway E3 2012 Exclusive

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 Wreck-It Ralph XBOX Avatar Code Giveaway!!

Today we are proud to announce we are starting the next XAG Code Give away. We are giving away a Male and Female Wreck-It Ralph XBOX Avatar T-Shirt E3 2012 Exclusive to two lucky winners. These Avatar Shirts are VERY rare and were given out to people at E3 2012 to promote the new Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph.

Also BIG Thanks goes to for donating the codes. Please check them out!

We have decided to try and use the Rafflecopter so you will need to do a few things to enter. Please follow this link to the Facebook Raffle App.!/XBOXLIVEAvatarGear/app_228910107186452

Contest rules:

  • Must complete the Rafflecopter Entries Here
  • Follow @XBOXAvatarGEAR on Twitter
  • Tweet about the contest each day for more points to win.
    Want to WIN a Wreck-It Ralph XBOX Avatar T-Shirt? @XBOXAvatarGEAR is giving them away & I entered to WIN! Details Here
  • Like XBOXLIVEAvatarGear on Facebook
  • Join the XAG Forums
  • Like and leave a comment below telling us your favorite Disney Movie of all time.
  • Contest starts now and ends Sunday June 17th 2012 at 11:59pm EST

Halo 4 Premium Theme Contest

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Welcome to our
Halo 4 Premium Theme Giveaway!

We have four Halo 4 Concept Art Premium Themes that were given to us by the fine folks at 343 Industires @HaloWaypoint and @bsangel and we have decided to celebrate the opening of our Themes Section on the XAG Forums we are going to give them to You The Fans!

4 ways to enter!

The contest is very simple you can enter up to four different ways or all four for your best chance to win.

:XAG Website Contest:
Please visit our website and sign up for our mailing list on the right hand side. Plus Comment and LIKE at the bottom of this thread telling us your most memorable HALO Moment from any of the games, Mutiplayer or campaign.

:XAGForums Contest:
All you have to do is comment here telling us you favorite Halo Multiplayer Map from Any of the Halo Franchise games. Must be a Registered “ACTIVE” member of the forums with more the 5 posts. We will not be accepting people who have only 1 post.
:FB Facebook Contest:
Must like and Comment on our Oficial Contest Picture telling us what you enjoy about XAG.
Must follow us on Facebook and Share the Contest picture on your page.
:Tweet Twitter Contest:
Must follow @XBOXAvatarGEAR and Tweet This EXACTLY!

HALO FANS @XBOXAvatarGEAR is giving away Four HALO 4 Premium Themes. 4 WAYS TO ENTER! RE-TWEET & FOLLOW. Details Here

 Contest starts NOW and will run till May 20th 2012 at Midnight EST
You can enter either way you want or ALL 4 ways for the best possible chances of winning. Good Luck and thanks for being an XAG Fan!