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Congrats to Lionhead for Your 1 Year Anniversary of Fable Heroes

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On May 2nd 2012, we released our beloved little videogame, Fable Heroes, as part of the “Arcade Next” promotion for XBLA – (can you believe we were alongside Trials Evolution and Minecraft?!)

Made by a small team in just a few months, Fable Heroes came out of out Lionhead’s very first Creative Day in 2011. Our Creative Day’s give the entire studio the opportunity to stop work on our other games and head off to our local cinema to watch the wonders that everyone has created. Our 2012 Creative Day had some really exciting projects too; so perhaps we’ll be seeing more on those in the future :-)

Fable Heroes is our little game with the big heart and a game that we had a lot of fun making, so why shouldn’t the fun continue!

Keep an eye on our Twitter today for give-away codes with #HeroesBirthday. Some of our friends at Play XBLA and The Dead Hamster will be joining in the fun too – so make sure you give them a follow. There will also be a few of the team here at Lionhead online tonight having a play, and don’t forget that playing with a dev earns you a Lionhead Studios gamerpic.
We at XAG were honored enough to receive a bunch of codes for the fans so without further a due here are some CODES!



“Chesty” Avatar Prop


“Hero Puppet Head” Avatar Hat


Please comment below saying which code you took.


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There has been a new ad spotted today on the USA dashboard for the Cadillac ATS that is giving away a FREE Avatar Prop. So far it seems to be US Only, as we have seen reports of people from UK getting Error messages. Let us know if you see it in your country and we will update this.

Thanks XBLMaximusNL as always for the Animation!

Turtle Beach XBOX Avatar Gear UK & US Dashboard Advert FREEBIE

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Today there is an Advert on the UK & US Dashboard for Turtle beach, you can grab your XBOX Avatar 4 FREE Items, Turtle Beach T-Shirt, Turtle Beach Hat, Turtle Beach Headset, and a Turtle Beach Palm Tree. Two controller trick has been confirmed to work in the US.

Just find the Advert on a UK or US Account, go into the advert, select avatar Downloads, then use a second controller and sign in with the account you want the items for. then sign out of the first controller (UK or US Account) and then download all items.

FREEBIE Spotted on US Dashboard Verizon 4G LTE Jet Pack Powered Elf Avatar Prop

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There is an ad on the Xbox dashboard for Verizon called “Visit The Fasterpiece Theatre” it has a free avatar prop for a Verizon 4G LTE Jet Pack Powered Elf right now (looks like there will be a total of 5 avatar items), You need to watch a video in the “Fasterp…iece Theatre” first to be able to unlock the prop, after that click on “The Velocity shop” and scroll to the left for the prop.
Thanks: XBLMaximusNL

Target Bullseye Avatar Prop XBOX Avatar Prop Dog Dashboard FREEBIE

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Target Retail Stores has a Holiday gift for you! a FREE Target Spot Dog Avatar Prop! Just find the Target Advert on the US Dashboard and scroll to the right and download your very own Target Dog Avatar Prop!

FREE NFL Play 60 Jersey on the US Marketplace. Grab em while you can!

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NFL Play 60 Jersey

Male: Click here for NFL Play 60 Jersey

NFL Play 60 Jersey

Female: Click here for NFL Play 60 Jersey

Pick up a FREE NFL Play 60 Jersey from marketplace. Grab them while you can. Please comment below if you see them in your country too.

Ford Mustang XBOX Avatar Items Advert FREEBIES T-Shirt, Hat, Racing Suit, Shelby, & Boss Mustang

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XBOX and Ford fans are going to be pretty excited about this one. Ford Advert has been spotted on the XBOX US Dashboard and you get FIVE… Yes, 5 FREE XBOX Avatar Items. T-shit, Hat, Two cars, a Blue Shelby Mustang and a Black Boss Mustang, and a Ford Racing suit. All for FREE!! Head over to the Dashboard and look for the Mustang Advert like posted below.
Let us know if you see it in your country or if the Two Controller Trick works.

Pizza Hut Halo 4 Red Warrior Armor Suit Promotion FREEBIE!

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E3 2012: Halo 4 Gameplay Trailer


Yep you read that right, Pizza Hut (UK only) are doing a special Halo 4 Stuffed
crust Red Halo 4 Warrior Armor Suit.
Every pizza not only allows you to download a red Halo 4 Avatar
armor but also allows access to their legendary prizes website to win awesome
prizes, Pizza ahoy people!!
What’s that? You don’t live in the UK? Well here is a little secret from XAG!


Fill in the details on our competition page and grab yourself a free Halo Avatar. But, you might get a female or a male. It is random.

Silent Hill Revelation 3D Canada Advert XBOX Avatar Prop Pyramid Head FREEBIE

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Canadian XBOX Gamers get a special treat! Silent Hill Revelation 3D Movie Advertisement is up on the Dashboard *working* and you can get this AWESOME Pyramid Head XBOX Avatar item. Just Find the Advert on the dashboard and it will take you to the download page. There is two different Adverts, one for the Prop, and one for the movie trailer. It will say Silent Hill Avatar Prop. Even though it is a Head Gear. Canada ONLY, and two Controller Trick does NOT work.

The Man with the Iron Fists Toy Fists Prop XBOX Avatar Dashboard Advert FREEBIE!

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Good news everyone! The Beta Dashboard now has Advertisements!! Now you can get all those FREEBIES that have come out during the Dashboard Beta. And here is the latest. The Man with the Iron Fists Toy Fists Prop, Just find the Movie Advert on the dashboard, and go to Avatar Download, and you will receive this Awesome Avatar Prop.