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FREE Honda Forza Motorsports Avatar Shirt 2013 Civic Si

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There has been a new Honda Forza Motorsport T-Shirt added to the US Marketplace for FREE. It is associated with the Honda 2013 Civic Si Ad but with this one you do not need to find the ad, you can simply go right to the Avatar Marketplace by clicking on the pictures below and download the shirt for your avatar.

Honda Forza Motorsports Gray Avatar Shirt

Honda Forza Motorsports Red Avatar Shirt

Honda Forza Motorsports Red Avatar Shirt


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You can now dress your XBOX Live Avatar in a  Bing t-shirt.

You can unlock a special gift for your Xbox LIVE  avatar: a Bing t-shirt!

Bing provides you with two tokens  – one for a male shirt and one for a female shirt, either of which you  can use the next time you sign into Xbox LIVE.

On hover over Xbox Live, click Xbox Live Marketplace then on that page click Redeem Code in the ‘My Account’ dropdown menu, enter  code in the boxes. On the Xbox 360, go to press the big Guide button, slide to Marketplace,  scroll down to Redeem Code, enter code.


Bing Shirt Male

Bing Shirt Female

Ambassadors Holiday 2012 Challenge – Earn a Custom Holiday Avatar Item!

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Looks like there is a new Challenge for people in the XBOX Ambassador Program. We received this email today letting us know that we can try and earn the XBOX Community Ambassadors Holiday Sweater. Here is the details.

Hello Ambassadors!
We’re pleased to announce a special holiday challenge for all active Ambassadors this year, in which Ambassadors can earn an exclusive Xbox Community Ambassadors Holiday Sweater!

Ambassadors Christmas Contest

To earn this item, Ambassadors must earn at least 250 XP between December 15th (12:01 AM PST) and January 1st (12:01 AM PST).
If you would like to track your progress, check your profile on Saturday, December 15th and make a note of your total XP – once you have at least 250 more XP than that, you’ll be good to go! We’ll send challenge completion notifications and Ambassador Holiday Sweaters within a week of the challenge’s end, so be sure to look for your prize then.
If you’d like to discuss the challenge (including the best ways to help and earn XP), be sure to swing by the Ambassy to chat with your fellow Ambassadors!
In the meantime, may your holidays be full of family, friends, and Ambassador XP!
All the best,

Turtle Beach XBOX Avatar Gear UK & US Dashboard Advert FREEBIE

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Today there is an Advert on the UK & US Dashboard for Turtle beach, you can grab your XBOX Avatar 4 FREE Items, Turtle Beach T-Shirt, Turtle Beach Hat, Turtle Beach Headset, and a Turtle Beach Palm Tree. Two controller trick has been confirmed to work in the US.

Just find the Advert on a UK or US Account, go into the advert, select avatar Downloads, then use a second controller and sign in with the account you want the items for. then sign out of the first controller (UK or US Account) and then download all items.

FREE NFL Play 60 Jersey on the US Marketplace. Grab em while you can!

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NFL Play 60 Jersey

Male: Click here for NFL Play 60 Jersey

NFL Play 60 Jersey

Female: Click here for NFL Play 60 Jersey

Pick up a FREE NFL Play 60 Jersey from marketplace. Grab them while you can. Please comment below if you see them in your country too.

Ford Mustang XBOX Avatar Items Advert FREEBIES T-Shirt, Hat, Racing Suit, Shelby, & Boss Mustang

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XBOX and Ford fans are going to be pretty excited about this one. Ford Advert has been spotted on the XBOX US Dashboard and you get FIVE… Yes, 5 FREE XBOX Avatar Items. T-shit, Hat, Two cars, a Blue Shelby Mustang and a Black Boss Mustang, and a Ford Racing suit. All for FREE!! Head over to the Dashboard and look for the Mustang Advert like posted below.
Let us know if you see it in your country or if the Two Controller Trick works.

World of Warcraft Mist of Pandaria XBOX Avatar T-Shirts Advert FREEBIE

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There is an Advert on the dashboard for World of Warcraft Mist of Pandaria, once you watch the trailer it lets you download TWO FREE XBOX AVATAR T-SHIRTS! You get the Horde and the Alliance T-Shirts both for FREE! So far, we know it is on the US Dashboard, and has even been seen on the Beta Dashboard. Let us know if you got it in your country.